Holiday with variety

Mountains, lakes, adventure

Hot summer days, clear autumn air, sunny spring days or a winter break - Kaltern is worth a vacation in every season. There is much to discover around Göllerhof.


Kaltern is surrounded by green - vineyards and fruit trees characterize the Mediterranean landscape. You can find an exciting mix of relaxation and experience, of nature and culture.

Lake Kaltern

Lake Kaltern is so versatile: row boats, sailboats, pedal boats, and surf boards glide across the water. Yet it's so incredibly tranquil here. The Mediterranean landscape around Lake Kaltern emphasizes that this lake really is the warmest lake in the Alps. So to speak: in, on and around the lake – you will enjoy an amazing experience.

Mediterranean alpine landscape


Walking in beautiful surroundings, over meadows, along vineyards, through forests, up to mountain heights - Kaltern offers several highlights: Rastenbachklamm, Friedensweg, Eislöcher, a challenging tour on the Mendelpass or on the Mendelkamm.


White-grey mountain peaks, dark green treetops, brightly colored alpine meadows: An exciting setting welcomes vacationers in the Dolomites and really makes you want to have an adventure! You can already guess that summer in the Dolomites is one you won't soon forget.

Bolzano and Merano

South Tyrol's city life offers you a cultural vacation in the most relaxing way.


Bolzano’s cultural offerings are as diverse as the city itself. It is Central European and Mediterranean at the same time, as well as traditional and cosmopolitan. You may experience all of this in Bolzano’s varied architecture, its many cultural and historic sites, museums and castles, walking along its picturesque promenades, or standing in the middle of the lively Waltherplatz or the colorful fruit and vegetable market.

Exclusive boutiques, little shops and old stores steeped in tradition follow each other side by side under the historical arcades of Bolzano. All together, they create a very special shopping mile many other cities envy us for. Charming Cafés and traditional Inns enhance the experience.


Among colorful Art Nouveau buildings, you can see the arches of the historic Arcades of Merano. Here, you can find pretty boutiques, local delicatessen shops, bar, cafés, and fashion stores. Moreover, castles and museums enrich Merano’s cultural offer. Mediterranean promenades and picturesque paths invite you to an interesting and regenerating cultural holiday.

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