As hosts, they are the heart and soul of the house: Christine and Erich.
Together they make sure that their guests at Göllerhof aren’t missing anything.
Christine and Erich want to offer a place where guests experience a natural holiday. Down-to-earth and authentic.

The true character of a house is found within the rough edges that make it a holiday home. Christine and Erich themselve are down-to-earth and simple, they take it easy, are unpretentious and thoughtful. They meet everyday life and the people around them with a smile.


The good soul of the house, with a great sense for the beautiful things she characterizes the Göllerhof.
With her warm ways she makes sure that her guests have everything they need.


In fruit and wine cultivation he has found his dream job, therefore he can usually be found early in the morning or in the evening at Göllerhof and tells his guests stories about everyday life in the fields.

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